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Congratulations to Cohere's Success of Merging Baker Turner Inc.!

Many exciting things have been happening this the past year at Cohere Design Company Limited. Over the last few months, Cohere was able to strike a new partnership with Baker Turner Inc (BTI), a well-established Canadian landscape design company. A successful merger has been negotiated between both parties, and would henceforth work and develop together as one.


Main areas of strength for BTI include golf courses, resorts, and local urban planning projects. Not only does BTI have considerable experience with international projects, but has also received over fifty professional awards over the years. The founders, Edwin S. Baker and Timothy W. Turner are renowned experts in the industry. In the next two years, they will team up with Albert C. L. Cheng, chairman of Cohere, to promote new business prospects for BTI and Cohere.


This cooperation holds great significance in reforming our corporate structures into a high-quality international brand. Over the next two years, BTI will take over as Cohere's headquarters, while our design branch in the Philippines will continue to support us in the development of business in Hong Kong as well as mainland China. Together, the strengths of our companies will be enhanced and our capabilities improved. We shall become more efficient and flexible, allowing us to provide our customers with an even greater range of service!


Meanwhile, after months of hard work, Cohere's official website www.coheredesign.com was officially launched last month. Please feel free to visit our website and check out our infrastructure, services, projects, and other dynamic developments!

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